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Our fees are listed in the "Agreement for Psychological Services" forms, which can be viewed, printed or downloaded from the Practice Forms page.  Please contact us if you have any specific questions about fees or about how insurance will work if you choose to use our services.

How to evaluate your insurance plan for mental health coverage

  • Call your insurance health plan to find out exactly what is covered - outpatient therapy, inpatient treatment, etc.- and what level of coverage you have.

  • Ask if the full cost of treatment is covered, or only a part. Inquire if there are limits - co-payments, limit on the number of visits, annual or lifetime maximums.

  • If the plan covers only "medically necessary" treatment, find out how that decision is made.

  • Ask what you can do if your coverage is denied or cut short.

Find out if there is a group of providers, a "network," that you must choose from or if you can choose any qualified provider.  If you can choose any qualified provider, find out what licenses and degrees he or she must have before reimbursement is authorized.

See also: Seven Questions To Ask Your Employer's Benefits Manager

If your insurance has limited or no mental health coverage

It's important that you talk with the benefits or human resources manager at your employer. Let him/her know that you believe mental health services are important, and that you are concerned that you have no or limited coverage. If you belong to a union, talk with your union leaders.

See also (You may wish to share this information with your benefits or human resources manager): Ending Discrimination in Health Insurance

Other Resources

Please see the resources under "Insurance, Managed Care, and Government" on our links page.

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